The Life of One Man Is One Whole Universe

2012 - ongoing on facebook

The life of a man is one whole universe. His deeds create material word full of colors, scents, moments that can be perceived with our senses. The scent of leavening dough, a blanket you can feel on your bare feet, clothes which are too big, images of seemingly unimportant moments connected with self-consciousness. People, who always have the time, on the contrary to our parents, after the school of during holidays. Sometimes kind other times strict. In majority of us, the grandparents are closely connected to our childhood memories.
Peter Sit brings us, in his series of medium and large format pictures, back to this lost world. Everyone who remains. He began to take pictures of his grandmother and her immediate environment in 2008, three year after the death of the grandfather due to her inability to deal with this matter which caused her psychical and physical withering: “The camera became a part of her life, it gave her the feeling that she is required. It means something that someone else benefits from to her. This means, me. I do it for her. I feel how it brings back her energy and lust for life.” The series points out the need to be necessary for others what is usually connected with work that we lose with our health.
The photographs are not only a simple documentary, they are often staged and express a feeling, state or mutual relationship. They talk about the fragility and ephemerality of human’s life and the moments in the company of those who we love.

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