Apartment 24/7

Photoport gallery, Pražská 11, Bratislava
22. Mar – 5.Apr 2013

Probably the most complicated thing in a human’s life is relationships. Friendships, fellowship, loves. Unfulfilled expectations that we put in it, misunderstandings and miscomprehensions or just the loss of interest in us can bring us to despair. Yes, I’m talking about those relationships that didn’t turn out well. Those which persistently torment us, those we try to confront. Each one of us differently, as good as he can. Peter Sit is a photographer that’s why he takes pictures. He captures the way he deals with an ended relationship. He stages himself into situations, environments and positions to express his momentarily feelings and states of mind. Loneliness, sadness, despair, resignation, nothingness, void, vacuum. Sit chooses the form of diptychs intentionally. On the simple principle of two photographs, which repeats in the whole series, he shows us an environment that he knows intimately first in order to show us himself in the situation of his current state of mind in the second picture. Thus we don’t perceive only the quality of emptiness, the departure or disappearance which could be a simplified way of reading these pictures. The author offers us time. Time which is necessary to empathize with his subjective feelings. The chosen environments don’t even play the role of a stage, Sit utilizes them actively and they are involved in the game where every detail is important. Sometimes in a symbolic way, other times as a record of real situation. The whole series, which was created almost in a time of a year, acquires thus also a dimension of a diary or documentary. Similarly he works with himself, with his physical body, which is most of the times naked. “To the skin” as if the author has nothing to hide or lose. His body doesn’t belong to him anymore it becomes a means of expression. A feature that enables us to understand and identify each with another. And maybe somewhere in the ambivalence of this series, between intimate and public, emerges a space in which we can find ourselves. Hunched on a couch, lying down on the ground at the 24/7 Apartment.

Filip Vančo